2017-07-31 CSX Congestion and Delay

Over the past several months, CSX has been restructuring their network and implementing a new operating plan to improve service and operating efficiencies throughout their network. As CSX implements these changes, some areas are experiencing congestion that is negatively impacting intermodal service. CSX has been diligently working to implement improvements; however, continued delays are expected.


Below are specific areas on CSX services has been impacted:

Jacksonville - 48 to  72+ hour delays

Cental Florida - 48 hours, due to Jacksonville congestion

Tampa - 72 hours delays, due to Jacksonville congestion

Atlanta - 24 to 48+ hour delays

Savannah - 24 to 48+ hour delays

Charlotte - 48 to 72+ hour delays, due to Atlanta congestion

Memphis - 48 to 72+ hour delays