2017-08-29 --- Tropical Storm Harvey continues to impact southeast Texas and southern Louisiana

Dear our valuable customers:

Tropical Storm Harvey is centered in the Gulf about 90 miles east-southeast of Port O’Connor, TX and moving at 3 mph with sustained winds of 45 mph. The slow moving nature of the storm is the primary reason for the torrential rain that will continue to hover over much of the Southeast this week, along with flooding.

 Houston continues to be pounded by rain and flooding as the storm moves east into Louisiana. Most roadways into and out of the Houston area remain closed.

The KCS and the BNSF have suspended operations in the Houston area. Both railroads are expecting to be down for the next 48 hours.

Storm Forecast:

There is potential for heavy rain and flooding along the path of the storm as it is expected to come back onshore and slowly move northeast.

Harvey is projected to make landfall south of Lake Charles, LA on Wednesday afternoon with 45 mph winds.

Early on Thursday morning, the storm’s center is forecast to be near Alexandria, LA with 40 mph winds.

By Friday morning, Harvey is expected to follow a path with the center of the storm to be about 100 miles south of Memphis, TN with 35 mph winds.

By Saturday morning, Harvey should be near Nashville, TN with 30 mph winds.

We are saddened by the enormous impact Hurricane Harvey has had on the area. Areas of Houston have already had over 40 inches of rain, nearing an all-time U.S. tropical cyclone rain record.  We are working local CFS and railroad carriers to stay on top of the situation.  Updates will be available as we continue to monitor this situation.