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Possible IPI delay caused by Winter Storm Orlena and Rail Restrictions in Chicago/Southern California

Winter Storm Orlena hammered much of the Northeast leaving some areas with up to 30 inches of snow and it has now moved into New England where it’s forecasted to drop 18+ inches through tonight. We are starting to see some of the CMV bans lifted but with the amount of snow that fell in those areas during the past 24 hours it is going to take time for everyone to dig out both their personal vehicles and our equipment at the yard. A realistic goal for today is to get as much of our equipment dug out as possible so we’re ready to resume normal operations by tonight/tomorrow morning. With the timing and duration of this storm, our customers should expect delays for the rest of this week as we work through the backlog.

Below is the current capacity for the locations that are being impacted by the storm:

  • Jersey City - 0% capacity
  • Harrisburg - 0% capacity
  • Bethlehem - 0% capacity
  • Morrisville - 0% capacity
  • Chambersburg - 0% capacity
  • Wilkes Barre - 0% capacity
  • Albany - 10% capacity, not expecting more drivers to be back on the roads until late tonight or early tomorrow.
  • Ayer - Less than 5% capacity, statewide CMV bans on major highways until conditions improve
  • Syracuse - Currently operating at 70% capacity.
  • Toledo – Currently operating at 75% capacity.
  • Columbus - Currently operating at 70% capacity.

The BNSF volume restrictions below are expected to limit our ability to pick up shipments in Chicago and Los Angeles until at least Sunday. These restrictions are due to a combination of the derailment in Arizona last week and the timing of the winter storm in Chicago that has caused severe ramp congestion at these locations. To avoid added congestion at other Chicago ramps and maintain network fluidity, we will prioritize crosstown traffic until the gates are reopened. Once the gates reopen, not all of the loads on hold will be allowed to ingate at once so additional delays of 72+ hours should be expected as we process through the backlog.

    • BNSF Volume Restrictions: The volume restrictions below include all standard traffic going out of BNSF Chicago, Corwith (IR) and BNSF Cicero (C=):
      • All standard traffic, including crosstowns, will be impacted for these lanes:


      • (IR) BNSF Corwith to (SR) BNSF San Bernardino/(DR) BNSF Alliance/Dallas/(ER) BNSF Stockton/(BR) BNSF Barstow/(D-) BNSF Denver/(PR) BNSF Phoenix/(H-) BNSF Houston/(CR) BNSF Los Angeles
      • (C=) BNSF Cicero to (P=) BNSF Portland/(S=) BNSF South Seattle
      • (CR) BNSF Hobart to (DR) BNSF Dallas/(E-) BNSF Edgerton/(EQ) BNSF St. Louis/(GQ) BNSF Fairburn/(H-) BNSF Houston/(IR) BNSF Chicago/(M=) BNSF St. Paul/(MR) BNSF Memphis/(OQ) BNSF NW Ohio/(RR) BNSF Robstown