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Change of New York and Norfolk CFS

Please be advised that All shipments to New York and Norfolk depart from Imperial on and after 02/15/2023 will be received by following warehouse:

New York:

Harbor Freight Transport
900 Federal Blvd
Carteret, NJ 07008
Tel: 973-589-6700
CFS Firm Code: EAD8
Import Manager: Karen Pettiford
Onsite Import Supervisor: Natalie Rodriguez
Warehouse Manager: Matthew Huresky


Norfolk Bonded Warehouses LLC
1619 Diamond Spring Rd STE C
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Tel: 757-524-4427
CFS Firm Code: LDF9
Contact: Lacie Stafford

Please see attached copy of rate sheet from both warehouses. NorfolkBondedWarehouseLLCFeb2023.pdf harborfreightfeb2023.pdf